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Roy Lightfoot - The Valley's Father Christmas

Roy Lightfoot was a huge man with a huge heart. He had a colorful career and was a legend in Paradise Valley. Born in Port Huron, he came with his parents to Detroit at an early age. His first job out of high school was a taxi driver. It was as a taxi driver he got his taste for Paradise Valley's night life. He quit his job as a taxi driver and became a singer in the Valley. He was best known for his rendition of "King for a Day."

Later, Lightfoot opened the B & C Club. In addition to being a night club owner, he was also politically active. Lightfoot was credited with supporting several prominent politicians.

Roy Lightfoot was best known as a "poor man's friend." It was said he was largely responsible for the success of many Paradise Valley businessmen. He loaned money and provided whatever he could to ensure their success. During the Great Depression, he gave away a small fortune to the men and women who came to Detroit seeking employment. He was considered a real life Father Christmas because during the Christmas season, Lightfoot would raise money to provide toys and food to those in need.

Roy Lightfoot's "exploits as a politician, night club owner, and philanthropist, made him one of the most popular figures in public life and he reached the pinnacle of his success when, through the efforts of the Michigan Chronicle he was honored by being elected Mayor of Paradise Valley ."

As we enjoy this Christmas season, let's all honor Roy Lightfoot by spreading much needed Christmas cheer and goodwill.

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