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Club 666

Club 666, also known as Club Three Sixes, was situated at 666 E. Adams, deriving its name from the address. Owned by black businessman Andrew “Jap” Sneed, it opened in 1941. By 1949, the club changed ownership and was renamed Club Valley. Known as a show bar with a chorus line, it booked both national and local talent. Regarded as one of the finest black-owned nightclubs in the state, it had a reputation for serving excellent food. The club boasted a two-foot-high stage and could accommodate about 750 people.

Club 666 without water mark.jpg
Club Three 666 1945.jpg
Club 666 Cover.jpg
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Club 666 1946.jpg
Club 666 Free Press March 18 1942.jpg
Club 666 1947.jpg
Club 666 Club Picture 2.jpg
Club Valley 1949.jpg
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