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Garfield Lounge

The Garfield Lounge was an uptown establishment situated at John R and Garfield, specifically at 4457 John R. At one point, it was reportedly the only 'big Negro-owned bar-club' on that street. The club was a component of Randolph Wallace's Garfield Hotel and gained recognition for its Wal Ha Room, renowned for its organ music and intimate atmosphere.

Garfield Lounge and Bar 1945.jpg
Garfield Lounge and Hotel Couples.jpg
Garfield Lounge and Hotel Couples 2.jpg
Garfield Lounge and Hotel Cover.jpg
Garfield Lounge 1947.jpg
Wal Ha Room People.jpg
Garfield Negro owned 1947.jpg
Garfield Hotel and Lounge 1946.jpg
Wal Ha Room.jpg
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