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Sportree's Music Bar

Sportree's Music Bar was situated in the heart of Paradise Valley at Hastings and Adams, specifically at 2014 Hastings. Owned by black businessman Raymond "Sportree" Jackson, it opened its doors in 1946. Renowned as one of the hottest spots in the city, it hosted performances by luminaries such as T-Bone Walker, Dinah Washington, and the Ink Spots. The establishment boasted a 105-foot bar adorned with 60 chrome leather stools. However, in 1948, Raymond Jackson was fined $150 for featuring what the police and moral crusaders deemed an indecent floor show. The club ceased operations in 1950.

Sportrees Music Bar Cover.jpg
Sportrees Music Bar Couple.jpg
Sportrees Music Bar Postcard_edited.jpg
Sportrees Music Bar 1946.jpg
Sportrees Music Bar 1947.jpg
Sportrees Music Bar 1947 Billy Eckstine.jpg
Sportrees Music Bar 1947 picture of band ad.jpg
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