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Graystone Ballroom

The Graystone Ballroom was not located in Paradise Valley, but rather at Woodward and Canfield, specifically at 4237 Woodward. Opening its doors in 1922, it boasted two stages and a capacity of about 3,000 people. Billed as Detroit's million-dollar ballroom, the Graystone was once segregated, with Monday nights designated for black patrons. McKinney's Cotton Pickers served as the in-house band for several years. Renowned for attracting the finest big bands from across the country, the Graystone Ballroom left an indelible mark on Detroit's cultural scene.

Graystone Ball Room Picture.jpg
Graystone Ball Room Nacirema Club 1936.jpg
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McKinney Cotton Pickers.jpg

McKinney's Cotton Pickers at the Graystone Ballroom.

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