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The Cozy Corner

The Cozy Corner was a black-owned Black and Tan establishment located at 4100 Hastings at Alexandrine. Mack Ivey owned the 200-seat bar and opened it in 1936. It's worth noting that all black labor was used to construct it when it was built. For a time, it was the only black-owned bar on Hastings. Mack Ivey, a towering figure standing six feet tall, was considered a giant of a man. He worked in a foundry in 1916 and saved his money before opening a restaurant on Hastings and Alfred, the Busy Bee Café, in 1918. A few years later, he owned two other businesses on Hastings: a barbershop and a poolroom. Above his bar at the Cozy Corner, he housed a gambling spot.

Cozy Corner 1936.jpg
Cozy Corner 1944.jpg
The Cozy Corner 1941.jpg
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